Sunday, March 8, 2009

Two Weeks!!!

We are down to two weeks. Foxy is huge! I just wish that my computer would download the pictures!!! I bought an 8GB memory card to replace my missing 1 GB to be all prepared and now my computer is FUBAR and won't work right.

Foxy moves like she is miserable. She no longer runs and bucks when put out to play. Belle gallops off and Foxy follows at a more sedate pace. She is eating well and I have increased her feed so that she doesn't lose weight. Her pelvis is so relaxed that it is squishy. She has tons of milk and she is irritable, but super affectionate. She constantly wants to be scratched. She will stand perfectly for the kids to brush her.

As a teacher, I had to find a way to incorporate Foxy's foal into the curriculum. We are currently studying genetics and I oversimplified coat color genetics to assign a prediction assignment. It was fun and the students had to color in a picture representing Outlaw. Some students did a great job, others made their pics look like a one year old vomited on paper. I will evaluate the pics compared to Outlaw when he is born. If there is one that is dead on or really cool anyway, the student will get some sort of gift certificate. A good grade should be incentive enough, but what the heck, it was fun. The APHA has a whole section on their website geared towards education so I used that for much of the information. My sister also let me borrow a book about predicting coat colors.
My personal prediction is Black tobiano male with similar pattern as Tink (the dad-- SD, I will post the pic again, just for you)but with only a star and snip ( the face, and lots of the little "inkspots" and a bi colored mane and tail.

Kind of like this guy's face, but with a little less white.


  1. Daddy is so pretty! But, so is Momma! You're gonna have one pretty baby! I can't wait to see the pics!

  2. To quote Tom Petty "The wa-aay-ting is the hardest part..."

    There, now I gave you an earworm.

    I know I suck much.


  3. I can hardly wait, either. I really thought that with our recent snow storms that she would foal early, but we are still 12 days out, so I should be more patient -- I guess that I should crank up the GNR(Patience) and relax, but...