Saturday, March 14, 2009

Officially One Week left

My brilliant husband figured out how to get the pics off the high tech memory card. We have to plug the high tech memory card into the brand new printer (our old one did not survive the packing up and moving to Wyoming)and wow, we have pics.
This first one is of the scabs from Foxy's injury (kick to the belly) The injury occured 2/22/09. The pic is March 2nd, a week later.

This pic shows her bite marks on her rump, also a week old.

This pic shows the scab at two weeks old.

This one shows the scabs in relation to where Outlaw is still hiding out.

This next pic is of the girls today, getting some sunshine. Right before Belle's legs got scrubbed.

Belle after getting all of the soap off of her legs.

I need to get some more purple shampoo. I had only about a tablespoon left in the bottle, so they did not end up nearly as white as I would have liked. This pic is really blurry, but at least her legs are relatively white.

I worked Belle pretty hard on listening to my cues. She was all attitude today. When I asked for a turn, she would stretch out her neck and refuse to listen. We did a lot of tight circles to convince her that it is much easier to listen to me the first time. Foxy was in the arena at the same time, loose. She has been quiet enough lately that I thought she was going to behave---WRONG. She laid into Belle and about got my son thrown from Belle. She really needs some attitude adjusting. I worked her as much as I could to convince her that kicking Belle is a dumb idea. I took a whip into the arena -- without my son on the back-- and waited until Foxy decided to attack Belle again. Sure enough, she went after her again, and I nailed her on the butt. Unfortunately, I did not think about what Belle was going to think about a whip smacking horse flesh next to her. She jumped more than Foxy did. But Foxy got the idea and got to trot next to Belle for a while and did not attack again, so I think that the idea sunk in. She has done this in the past with kids on both horses. I finally wanted to stop the behavior BEFORE somebody got hurt.

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  1. Oooo! Sounds like Miss Foxy got an attitude adjustment!