Monday, March 16, 2009


We are down to five days. My children are counting down. The other people at the barn are counting down. My students are counting down-- actually, I think that the students just want to prove me wrong about the genetic prediction assignment that I forced on them. I don't know how guys do it. I am not the pregnant one, but I am a worse mess than when I was expecting my own children. Or I forgot how bad it was. I am just glad that this is Foxy, not Belle, like I had originally planned for.
Stress makes me sick, so I am surviving on Tylenol Cold and Flu, right now.
Even Belle is a bit stressed. Today, I was slower bringing Belle into the barn from the outside arena -- today was nice and sunny. I think that the wind was not more than 50 mph. The second that Belle was in the stall, she had to look through the opening between the slats separating the stalls and nickered at Foxy. If she could, Belle would hold her hoof during the whole process. Either that or Belle just wants another foal to swipe. She loved Foxy's last one.
I told her that if she hadn't tried to kill the stud, she could have been ready to foal, too. She just whacked me in the head.
I don't think that she was listening.

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  1. It'll be worth the wait! :) Can't wait to hear and see the little one.