Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cabin Fever

This post is completely in response to a post on Confessions of a Slave Driver.

First off, any reference to Princess Bride -- Awesome (should that be awesomesauce? I don't know, I had never heard of it before)

I am not hip, cool, etc. My students were convinced that I was really bizarre and old. I don't get the whole "TapOut" crap. I just ask if they are tapping out of life. Generally the answer was Yes!

I am also "Way too old" to like Metallica (hello, they are older than me) Guns n' Roses (Ditto) Avenged Sevenfold (hey, my hubbie turned me on to them and he is way older than me) or Nickleback (no defense, they are just awesome(once again, should that be awesomesauce, ). My kids, now that they are stuck with a stay at home mom, know that I am not cool or hip either. I mess around with the animals, unpack boxes, write lesson plans for the classes that I don't teach, and make healthy cookies(applesauce, banana, craisin, raisin, pineapple) and the ultimate today -- Beet bread. (yes, beets were injured in the making of this bread. Yes, the kids will have pink sandwiches at school tomorrow.)

They better call me to start substitute teach. . .

soon. . .

Please. . .

Friday, August 21, 2009

Library access ramblings -- No pics

Using the library to access the Internet is not the easiest thing in the world. Uploading pics is a joke. Lady, Belle, and Foxy made the 130 mile trip just fine. Since I wanted Lady to have Foxy RIGHT THERE in case of panic, we did not use the stall dividers. That meant no stall dividers between Foxy and Belle, too. Lady was first so that she could lean on Foxy or the wall. Then Foxy, then Belle. They were pretty happy to unload by the time we were all done. Since we have knapweed in our pastures and the fences need to be replaced/worked on/etc. the girls are in stalls with a run. The run connects the two stalls. Last weekend we built a round pen to keep up with Lady's training. Critter and family came out to bring a load. Three of those horses come out next weekend! Lady will have another filly to play with! Princess is two, but they are similar in height. (My sister is really into short horses) Barnaby, the ancient is coming out, too. I think that Belle will be happy. She has a thing for Sorrels. Sergeant is coming out, too. I might need to rename this whole blog, with only two paints on the premises, they will be out numbered. We will have two paints, Foxy and Lady; one Clydesdale, Belle (at least until Bart comes up); one sorrel Morgan, Barnaby; one bay Morgan, Sergeant; two brown/black Morgans, Princess and Mystique; and one roaned out appy mare, Sassy.

Lady is amazing. She loves to be groomed. Her bottom lip sucks in and her top lip goes crazy and she stretches out her neck when I curry her, and I am still trying to convince her that mutual grooming is not necessary (no biting!). At feeding time, while the big girls are eating their grain, I have to block Belle's stall opening to keep Foxy out, so Lady knows that she will get undivided attention. Her favorite spot is her withers. I scratch the withers and she leans her chin on my shoulder and apparently drools down my back. When Belle is almost done with her grain, she will let Lady have some and moves on to the hay.

Hay!!! Its half the price I was paying at the old place. And I am really getting more than a ton, instead of whatever was thrown on my stack. Awesome!!!

As long as Lady is being worked in the round pen, I let the two girls out to the pasture to graze. They avoid the knapweed and have avoided, for the most part the fences. They aren't about to leave Lady, and we keep a close eye on them anyway. Belle comes when called, so it all works out. Belle gets alot more time loose than Foxy, because I don't work Lady very hard at only 4 1/2 months. Its mostly time to have the stalls cleaned and to stretch out her legs.

Lady's coloring is still changing. The spots on the back are almost completely black. The sides are sorrel. The tail is black. The spots that only appear when she is wet are black. I think that I have a tri color. One eye is half blue. She is a sweety.

Belle knows that there is a sorrel stud next door. She is so in love. If only I wanted to breed her to a sorrel quarter horse. But then I have a friend with an awesome sorrel quarter horse stud that would breed for free if I wanted one of those.

Enough rambling for the day. I must go back home and unpack some more boxes!!!