Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cabin Fever

This post is completely in response to a post on Confessions of a Slave Driver.

First off, any reference to Princess Bride -- Awesome (should that be awesomesauce? I don't know, I had never heard of it before)

I am not hip, cool, etc. My students were convinced that I was really bizarre and old. I don't get the whole "TapOut" crap. I just ask if they are tapping out of life. Generally the answer was Yes!

I am also "Way too old" to like Metallica (hello, they are older than me) Guns n' Roses (Ditto) Avenged Sevenfold (hey, my hubbie turned me on to them and he is way older than me) or Nickleback (no defense, they are just awesome(once again, should that be awesomesauce, ). My kids, now that they are stuck with a stay at home mom, know that I am not cool or hip either. I mess around with the animals, unpack boxes, write lesson plans for the classes that I don't teach, and make healthy cookies(applesauce, banana, craisin, raisin, pineapple) and the ultimate today -- Beet bread. (yes, beets were injured in the making of this bread. Yes, the kids will have pink sandwiches at school tomorrow.)

They better call me to start substitute teach. . .

soon. . .

Please. . .

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  1. Beet bread? Seriously? Pink bread? For sandwiches at school Why not rename it Beat Bread and tape a huge "Kick my ass, please!" sign on their backs.


    I don't know "TapOut" except the guy who made it recently died in a car accident.

    And yes, from now on use "awesomesauce", just to annoy the kiddos.