Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I finally got called in to sub at the high school. It felt so good to be back in the classroom, but I missed the control of my own classroom. This high school is fantastic. I really would love to get a teaching job here.

Since I am not working full time, I am having tons of fun with the animals. We currently have 3 cats. Tigris and Rascal are the barn cats. They are kittens. Probably about 3-4 months old and sisters. When they caught their first mouse, they were so proud. They had to show it off to me. Puma is supposed to be the house cat since she had ten teeth pulled at her last vet check up. However, she can still catch and kill birds, just not with the decapitating finesse that she used to demonstrate. (but she refuses to kill mice, thus two barn kittens)

Shooter is apparently more brain dead and defunct then we thought. His shepherd heritage is coming through. When the horses are all out to pasture, I occasionally have had to yell at Sergeant to leave Barnaby alone, or for Foxy to leave Sergeant, Princess, and Barnaby alone. Shooter got it in his head to herd them into the corner of the fence, barn, etc. They did not apreciate it and he is now limping... sometimes. I checked out his leg, nothing appeared wrong. I checked out the other front leg, he has two broken toes. His brain cells are so messed up that he limps on the wrong leg. He doesn't limp after he soaks in his swimming pool. He spends most of the day in his swimming pool.

Lady has been very frustrated with the new horses. She wants to play with Princess (2 year old Morgan filly), but Foxy and Sergeant are against it. Foxy will now allow Lady to follow Barnaby around,(26, 27, 28, I don't remember, just freaking old!!! Morgan Gelding) but Belle doesn't like it and occasionally chases him off, which sends Shooter into protect mode and then he chases Barnaby away.(and gets kicked in the head)

Princess is a loveable pain in the butt. I am way too used to my horses. Princess kicked kid #2 in the knee. She is terrified of water, and she is a bit skittish. But she loves to play tag with Shooter.

Sergeant is arrogant, thinks he owns the place (until Foxy has words and then he backs down quick). He might be 18, but he is fiesty. He is a screamer. He can't handle Princess out of his sight. Foxy was impressed until he refused to breed her last week (it was really funny because she is 16 hh and he might be 14-14.1 hh and she was backing into him, the whole nine yards and being way too agressive. he backed away so fast, I thought that he would fall over. Then she chased him off. Too bad I did not have the camera!!!)

Belle is pretty funny. Even though we don't have all of the fence fixed, I let all of the horses out for grazing time and play time, but it is supervised. If she would rather be ridden, she will follow me around until I hop on her back. If I ignore her, she whacks me with her head. I feel loved.

Barnaby is recovering from the move, still. He is on the same diet as Belle, just not as much hay. At older than dirt and missing front teeth, he is in really great shape. He no longer paces in his stall and seems to like Wyoming.

Foxy is a hussy. She was so bad last week, teasing every horse, calling out to the stud. It was bad.

We have found the perfect stud for Belle (or maybe Foxy, we are still thinking about that option, too) We have nicknamed him the beast. For those of you that know and loved Red, the true love of Belle's life, the Beast is better looking. He is a gorgeous red belgian stud that lives with a herd of belgian and percheron mares. There also appears to be a jack in the herd, too, since some of the foals are mules. He has a long grey mane and tail like Vea had. We were driving by to show Critter and her husband the herd when we realized that he was a working stud. Belle will be impressed!!! She has always had a thing for Sorrels. Next spring, after shots and vet checks, Belle will be introduced. Vea was a great looking, awesome Belgian/Clyde cross.

There's the update. Still no pics. Still using the library. My first paycheck will probably be used to get internet at the house YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!

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  1. The problem I always found with being a SAHM is the absolute mind numbing bordom associated with it. Especially out in the country. With no neighbors. At least you have the horses, and all that work, to keep you busy.