Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer vacation is almost here!!!

Today was the seniors' last day of instruction. Who am I kidding? They did not receive any instruction. They were pumped up and crazy. But all of my seniors passed!!!! Since I teach a Sophomore class, it is nice when the seniors can finally pass the class to graduate.
The stress of the day, which would make your straight hair curl, your dark hair grey, and my nerves shot made it necessary to take Belle out for a nice relaxing walk. She has been limping at a trot since Saturday when she had her toes trimmed (yeah, it's hooves trimmed, bite me). Relaxing to Belle is all relative. She did not want to be too far away from Foxy and the baby, but since others were riding, Lady could not run loose (she likes to buck and kick other horses, which is fine when it is Belle, Foxy, or Babe(I'll have to talk about Babe later) because they will put her in her place without too much damage, I don't trust the other horses to not hurt her)
Since I am working Belle in a snaffle to try and work on flexibility, it can be difficult to get her to turn. Fortunately, she is beginning to respond to leg pressure(who am I kidding? It's not pressure, its a very non subtle kick. She was a freaking carriage horse for 16 years. Pressure in the flanks means that Bart is doing something stupid and needs to be chewed on. Neck reining -- that is something that stupid trainees try. Subtlety is lost on her. I have NEVER been known for subtlety anyway. Except when driving Sailor. Driving him was mostly telepathic. I said his name to cue him and he knew what to do. Unless he was mad or scared and then it was -- Holy crap, this horse can move. I digress)
My back went out on Sunday so I can't clean stalls (that's my story and I'm sticking to it-- Hey, the kids' have two horses, I only have one. They owe me for summer camp. I'll take it out in trade)so I have been able to ride lately and the kids' get to clean stalls and then ride or ride and then clean stalls. It's been great.
Belle's illustrious Mustache

Just for you, SLC Slave Driver -- a pic of the yurt

Actually it is the guest house for the in-laws, mine or the hubbie's

Monday, May 25, 2009

How to look really stupid around horses

In reference to Confessions of a Slave Driver, I felt the need to demonstrate just how stupid an individual looks to others when they put a halter on backwards. This is one way to put a halter on wrong. I had to dig up Bart's halter, Belle's is too small to put on wrong. Yes Bart, you have a spot when you retire, especially now with the horse property!:)

I have seen it without the halter behind the ears, too, but then it falls off immediately and I can't get a picture. (Belle was really irritated after this photo shoot)

Here are some more recent pics of my girls.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New House

The hubbie has done well. I finally went to see that house that we are buying. It is cool. We will have to repair some fencing and add more before the girls get to run around, but it has the nine stall barn with power and water. There are foal babies next door and calf babies over the other fence. Babies, babies, babies!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Ok, so I have not posted in a while. It's the end of the school year, I chose not to renew my contract, and I have been looking for a new job, new house, etc. etc. etc. I have been busy. At least I am over being sick.
I will take a minute to post new pics. She is getting so big! She got a new halter today. We will try it on her tomorrow. It looks huge, but it is a weanling size and she has grown so much that her suckling halter doesn't fit right any more.
Compare the new pics with her first day picture.
She can't walk under momma anymore!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No, I do not have swine flu!

I am sick. I now have a cold. The stress of trying to find a new job, a house, finishing this school year, getting ready for summer school (yes, I am a glutton for punishment, but the pay is actually decent for three weeks work) My students are now convinced that I have swine flu. I brought my son's rabbits to school for show and tell (no, I am not too old for show and tell. It's my classroom and I can do what I want to, so there! {big raspberry}) and so now I tell everyone that I have bunny flu. Longhorns have been put out in the pasture by our outdoor arena. Foxy has been chasing them. She whinnies at them when they run to the other side of the pasture.
You know its cold when the kids don't want a saddle.
This little guy was born in the middle of a hideous rain/snow storm. As cute as he is, I would not let the kids get any closer to mom than necessary. Lady was poking her head through the bars. It was good to see that she is a cow pony like her mama -- not like her Aunt.