Monday, May 25, 2009

How to look really stupid around horses

In reference to Confessions of a Slave Driver, I felt the need to demonstrate just how stupid an individual looks to others when they put a halter on backwards. This is one way to put a halter on wrong. I had to dig up Bart's halter, Belle's is too small to put on wrong. Yes Bart, you have a spot when you retire, especially now with the horse property!:)

I have seen it without the halter behind the ears, too, but then it falls off immediately and I can't get a picture. (Belle was really irritated after this photo shoot)

Here are some more recent pics of my girls.


  1. Wow Jen. Belle is looking the best she ever has! She's looking GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a pretty girl!

  2. Halter on upside down...


  3. backwards, upside down. . . it still is ridiculous to think that it is on properly.

  4. She does look great, doesn't she. Almost tempting enough to breed her this year. Nah. I'll let Chelle breed one of hers instead.