Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No, I do not have swine flu!

I am sick. I now have a cold. The stress of trying to find a new job, a house, finishing this school year, getting ready for summer school (yes, I am a glutton for punishment, but the pay is actually decent for three weeks work) My students are now convinced that I have swine flu. I brought my son's rabbits to school for show and tell (no, I am not too old for show and tell. It's my classroom and I can do what I want to, so there! {big raspberry}) and so now I tell everyone that I have bunny flu. Longhorns have been put out in the pasture by our outdoor arena. Foxy has been chasing them. She whinnies at them when they run to the other side of the pasture.
You know its cold when the kids don't want a saddle.
This little guy was born in the middle of a hideous rain/snow storm. As cute as he is, I would not let the kids get any closer to mom than necessary. Lady was poking her head through the bars. It was good to see that she is a cow pony like her mama -- not like her Aunt.

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  1. Longhorns...like just being an angry cow isn't enough, now they have weapons...