Sunday, April 26, 2009

She's My Mommy!!!

Lady is not happy with us. Foxy is Very Happy! Saturday Foxy came off of maternity leave. Kid #2 Saddled her up and had a great time. He has been riding her bareback or lunging her for over a week to get her prepared, but it was just not enough for Foxy. The weather Saturday was miserable.
It was too muddy to ride outside, so we had to wait until the indoor arena was available. Foxy was really mad, we had promised her that Saturday was the day.

When we first arrived, the 20 billion year old shetland was in the arena, but the owner said that it would be fine to turn the girls out to get their rolling done before we saddled. I stood by the pony so that the girls wouldn't pick on him. Belle pinned her ears back alot, but nothing else happened. I then tied up the girls to saddle them and let Lady run around. Unfortunately, Lady discovered the pony. He sprang to life. He started chasing her. She bucked and kicked, but with the alzheimer's he could not get the hint that she was not interested in whatever he wanted. Lady ran to Foxy for protection. The old Fart still wouldn't get away. Foxy squealed, threatened to kick -- nothing. We had to drag him away so that Foxy and Belle did not kill him. I was concerned that Foxy might be really protective after that, but once Kid #1 was on Belle and Kid #2 was on Foxy, they did Great!! I led Lady around for a little while, but she is a baby and tired of that quickly. She is really funny when Foxy is loping and Lady decides that she is hungry. She will try to lope and nurse. Then she stops in front of Foxy. Foxy moves around her. Then as a last resort, Lady starts bucking and kicking and biting. Foxy bites back. Foxy wanted to work. Foxy is a great mom, but she loves to work. She had January - April off, now it's time to work!!! It's about the same amount of time that she would have had off if we did not have access to an indoor arena. At one point, I said, "Now that is a happy girl." Kid #2 said, " and this is a happy boy."


  1. Try it now, am still figuring the whole youtube thing out. It's really short anyway, just Lady Playing in the mud, like all babies, kids, adults etc like to do :)

  2. Ok I finally got it to play.

    Back when we had the farm and 4 horses our pony, Gypsy, would stand with front legs in the stock tank and splash, splash, splash, which was funny. :) Except we had a well that was going dry and every drop of water was precious. :( So it was also frustrating. :( But she looked so happy when she was doing it. :) But she emptied out half the stock tank. :(

    The, of course, Cowboy would play "Gator in the river", jumping into the stock tank, submerged so only his nose and eyes were visible, then wait until the horses came up to drink, scaring the bejesus out of them when he leaped out,and taking a large quantity of the water with him.

    Ah, good times...