Monday, April 20, 2009

First Ride of the Year

Today was warm, sunny and too tempting. I was all set to just let the boys ride Belle, work Foxy and Lady on Showmanship and let everybody just enjoy the sun. It was too warm and sunny. I threw Kid #3 up on Belle bareback and handed him the leadrope. He was really nervous. Then I threw Kid #2 up on Foxy
Side Note--------- (Foxy had not been ridden since before Christmas)
Side Note #2 ----- (Foxy has never been ridden bareback in a large arena)
with just a halter
Side note #3 ----- {Foxy has only been ridden by my kids in a halter once before and she had a huge bucking fit, fortunately for Kid #1 she had a saddle and was able to hang on (see sidenote #2)}

Fortunately for all involved the only bucking fit was the one that Lady had as she tore around the arena in front of, behind, around, between, etc as Belle and Foxy stretched out their legs at a nice controlled extended walk. The only problem that Foxy had was when Lady tried to touch noses with a horse passing by. Foxy got a little uppity and turned quickly, but straightened back out and completed her circuit of the arena, whinnying to Lady. Lady, being Lady, ignored her mother.

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