Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Belle meet Lady, Lady meet Belle

March 30
Ok, I have been swamped. We were stranded in Riverton during the snowstorm while looking for horse property. I had to call a friend to feed the girls. Lady whacked me in the cheek with her tough little head. Ouch. It hurt. Belle is now allowed out with Lady. Sunday was so sunny and warm and with the girls locked up all day Saturday, I just had to let them run. My little sister was visiting, so I knew that I had enough girl power should anything happen. Lady was curious, Belle was nervous, Foxy was thrilled that her BFF was officially meeting baby. Belle pinned her ears a few times. Foxy pinned hers. It was all good. These are from today. I finally got new batteries in the camera:)


  1. OMG she is just about the most adorable thing!! Klein needs a baaaaaby! LOL Belle is lookin' good! I see some nice dapples in that girlie!

  2. I love the babies. Horse babies, dog babies, sheep babies. Love 'em, love 'em love 'em.

    Human babies, not so much.

    LOL @ Stacey; The first thing anyone does when they get a mare is think about breeding it! I'd enjoy seeing a Percheron/Friesian cross out of Klein.

  3. She is adorable! Her color is so fun. I like the picture of her kicking up her little heels!

  4. She loves the outdoors! She is actually ok to lead except going into and out of the stall and into the barn. The rest of the time, she is pretty good.

  5. Nice video. Ki Yi Yippee Yi Yay!