Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back in the saddle again

Because it is still so cold and I am not working, I am still hauling water to the horses several times a day. I make it easy on myself and use a 5 gallon bucket from the spigot when it is anywhere close to 0 degrees. (This does NOT work when it is -30, though) As I was filling up the outside water for Lady, Belle, and Foxy; Rascal requested a ride on Lady. (As Lady was drinking the water, Rascal batted at Lady's nose -- I might have severe cabin fever, but I am not actually convinced that Rascal speaks english, yet.)

So up she went.

I figured that this would be good practice for her to have weight on her back that is not in anyway too heavy (The cat is only 6 months, Lady is only 10 months, but just got up graded to a Small horse halter, completely skipping yearling halter, so I think that the 3-6 pound cat is not going to affect her back)

Lady was not impressed and kept trying to rub the cat off of her back by scooting under Foxy's neck. Rascal just flattened against Lady's back each time Lady tried that until Lady gave up.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Foxy and Rascal's First Ride

Technically there was no ride, but I finally had the camera with me today!

Foxy was getting her front hooves trimmed.

Rascal climbed up on my Shoulder. Lately Rascal has been sitting up on Belle as she eats her grain in the aisle because Mr. BPA has been going to work early and staying late (she misses him) so instead of riding around on his shoulder, She sits up on Belle. Rascal also appreciates the warmth coming off of Belle for Belle's noon feeding because Belle will have baked in the sun for a few hours first. (Side note #1 -- Belle is now getting three feedings of her Senior, oil, Alfalfa cubes because she started resisting the amount of oil needed for her EPSM, but she is back up to 4.5 cups a day:)
This is Rascal nosing Foxy. (Side note #2 -- I can't see the screen of my camera when I take pics, so its a little close and blurry)Foxy was on the walker with another lead rope to imitate cross ties while she was being trimmed. Rascal wanted to jump on Foxy's face, but since she had never been on Foxy's back, I did not know how Foxy would react and I did not want to have her jump all over the trimmer, so I waited for a break in the trimming.

Foxy doesn't seem to mind (Side note #3 -- Rascal is the first living creature on Foxy's back since she threw Kid #2 and gave him a concussion)

Rascal decided that the shifting of weight for the trimming did not affect her and with 32 degrees (heat wave) she would appreciate the sun warmed brown of Foxy and the heat from her own Black fur.

Lady was getting frustrated with Foxy being busy, so she came over to get her nose into everything (Side note #4 -- Sunday Lady was dragging the sled around by the handle. She was having a great time, but as soon as I got the camera, she dropped the rope, what a stinker! Yes, my baby is dirty. -32 is too cold for even spot scrubbing and with her insisting on laying flat out daily for her naps, she is a pig!)
The trimmer was really suprized that Lady was not weaned and that Foxy allowed her to nurse. He thought that it would make her too big. (Side note #6-- Censored)

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sunday ride

Sunday was warm! It made it all the way up to 41. I went out to water the herd in the pasture and make sure that all of the buckets had thawed out and couldn't resist grabbing Belle's halter and some barrel reins and hoping on. It is the first ride in a bit because of the ice and snow. Belle was excited but she actually listens better when there is not a bit in her mouth. I keep meaning to try a bitless bridle, standard hackmores DO NOT WORK. I rode up to the house and posed in front of the window to wave at Mr. BPA watching football. (I can't watch. The colts haven't even tried the last few weeks. And the Patriots, AAAAAGGGGGHHHH)
Critter came out and rode, too, but she doesn't like bareback as much, but we had fun. Foxy and Lady kept trying to play with Belle. Foxy was really not happy that her buddy was otherwise entertained. Lady kept trying to stop in front. They finally ran off to the barn to pout. I kept Belle at a walk and a jog, but she was so excited and doing her crazy Ivans (for no apparent reason, she will do a 360. I just rewatched Hunt for Red October. Sean Connery is a way hot Soviet with a Scottish accent)that she sweated a bit. I had to cool her off and then break out her blanket. She seemed amused by it, but she stayed warm. When I took it off the next day, Lady was "helping" so I threw the blanket on her. No fits, or even a jump when the giant blanket draped all over her little body. I flapped it around, tightened it around the belly, etc. She did try and nibble it, but that was it. When I took it off, I flapped it around. . . Nothing, she just stood there. She is such a good baby. Then I told her to go and play, she took off bucking and kicking and chasing Shooter.

I really appreciate all of the time that we put into playing with her when she was born. I can't even touch the foals next door, even though they come right up to the fence. For as big as she is at 9 months, she is generally fairly sweet. Just don't turn your back on her when she is feeling frisky. She WILL run right into you! As long as I turn around in time, she will swerve, but if I am distracted, watch out. I pulled a whip out last time, so I am hoping that it is getting better. She just likes to play! She is almost bigger than Barnaby, the 29 year old. I will try and get a good pic of them together.

Shooter finally got kicked badly enough that he couldn't shrug it off. He is walking on three feet. But in true Aussie mentality, when we go to the barn and Barnaby is let out, Shooter forgets his injury and they will still chase each other at full speed. The nerve endings are a little screwy in that skull of Shooter's!