Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back in the saddle again

Because it is still so cold and I am not working, I am still hauling water to the horses several times a day. I make it easy on myself and use a 5 gallon bucket from the spigot when it is anywhere close to 0 degrees. (This does NOT work when it is -30, though) As I was filling up the outside water for Lady, Belle, and Foxy; Rascal requested a ride on Lady. (As Lady was drinking the water, Rascal batted at Lady's nose -- I might have severe cabin fever, but I am not actually convinced that Rascal speaks english, yet.)

So up she went.

I figured that this would be good practice for her to have weight on her back that is not in anyway too heavy (The cat is only 6 months, Lady is only 10 months, but just got up graded to a Small horse halter, completely skipping yearling halter, so I think that the 3-6 pound cat is not going to affect her back)

Lady was not impressed and kept trying to rub the cat off of her back by scooting under Foxy's neck. Rascal just flattened against Lady's back each time Lady tried that until Lady gave up.


  1. "My Cat's spurs, they jingle jangle jingle..."

    Nice...and you had the camera, even better. Good to hear from you.

  2. Well, at least I had my phone and it wasn't dead, yet.