Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunny, Warm and a day off!

Today, I had the day off. I have been subbing alot lately, so it was nice to try and get over my cold. Belle and I had a nice ride. Rascal kept following me around, so I put her up on my shoulder and she had a real ride. She was ok for most of it, but did not appreciate Belle's extended trot. We stopped and let her down, but she kept following and yelling at us.

Here is a shot of our shadow. From left to right, Belle's head, my head, my phone, Rascal.

Trying to take a picture of a cat sitting on your shoulder is not really as easy as it sounds. I can't actually see the screen until I head into the house, so out of ten pics, these two were the best.

The ground is pretty sloppy right now. Everything is melting. The ponies are starting to shed out, which is really good because Belle was warm when we started. My seat is improving with all of the bareback riding we do. She just sweats too much undersaddle. (Bareback is also really good on aching calves. There is a reason that I was kicked out of Utah. I DON'T downhill ski. I can crosscountry just fine. Saturday, I was reminded of this. It was really ugly. I could barely walk, but I could ride! Climbing off again, that hurt.) Today it is ice skating with the same church group. Religion should not be this painful.

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