Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break!!!

Many of my students think that Spring Break is a reward for them. No, it is actually a reward to all of the teachers that have not killed any students due to SpringFever.

It is actually spring-like weather today, too. Lady is two weeks old. Today it is warm enough that she is going to have her green spots scrubbed. Belle is going to have her feather scrubbed with her new iodine/aloe shampoo. Foxy -- I am really tempted to saddle her up, but it is too soon. She is still very focused on what Lady does. I don't think that the kids would have enough control. Foxy runs after Lady alot, still. I told the kids four weeks, so I think that I will stick with that.

All of them need a thorough grooming to get their shedding hair off. I have alot of footage of the big girls rolling to get rid of the itches.

The stalls are going to have a thorough spring cleaning today, too. Next week will be full of job hunting so that I won't have to commute next year. We found 20 acres for the girls to run. They should enjoy it.

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