Sunday, May 24, 2009

New House

The hubbie has done well. I finally went to see that house that we are buying. It is cool. We will have to repair some fencing and add more before the girls get to run around, but it has the nine stall barn with power and water. There are foal babies next door and calf babies over the other fence. Babies, babies, babies!!!


  1. Question:How do you know when an equestrienne is looking at a house?

    Answer:When she describes the property, the fencing, the livestock that lives next door, and all the virtues of the barn and other horse facilities and absolutly NOT ONE F@CKING THING about the actual HOUSE!!!So, it's a good thing Mr Carriage Clause found the house or your people might be living in a yurt. But the horses have a nine stall barn with water and electric.


    (No, really, horse property is great. But remember YOU gotta live there, too.)

  2. The house is lovely, too. But you are correct, I was not nearly as worried about the house just as long as we had at least 3 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. But I must admit that the jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom is a really nice perk.