Monday, March 23, 2009

Still No Foal!

I really should not be impatient. Foxy really is due today. I conveniently forgot that because I figured that she would foal while I was out of town. I just hope that she doesn't wait for this weekend while I am driving to a science conference in Jackson. That would seriously suck.

I finally just scanned the pics in at home, instead of the fast scanner at school. As the Esteemed Slave Driver would say, Better One, or two, or etc?






Now, don't judge on their coloring abilities or lack thereof. Think only of the whether or not the markings are realistic or just appealing to you. Once Outlaw is born, I will try and match up one of the pics, or at least the one that is closest.


  1. Having no idea about the difference4 between a homozgyous Tobiano and a pasturized paint, I'm guessing it's a crap shoot.

  2. And yes8, I am startin2g a trend, addi1ng number5 into my spe11ing just beca9use I c8an.

  3. Thanks, I like parts of them, but none of them stand out to me as the best.