Sunday, March 1, 2009

Three Weeks and Counting:)

Foxy moved into her new stall yesterday. She snorted for the first 10 minutes that she was in it. Belle did not seem overly impressed with the move, but she did not trash her stall last night, so she must have settled down overnight. From the looks of the bedding, Foxy did not go into the half of the stall that borders Cherokey, just the side that borders Belle's stall. I completely disinfected the stall and checked the walls for any problems. I pulled a rusty nail out of the wall. Even if I was not expecting a foal, I would not have wanted Foxy in there with a rusty nail hanging out of the wall. Foxy is bagging up and is really looking heavy. The foal halter is here, but I am still waiting on the blanket. It was really warm today, but last year it snowed in June, so I am not holding my breath that the weather will hold. There is mud everywhere. Belle and Foxy are still feeling frisky, though. they were loping around today while I was cleaning stalls.


  1. It sounds like you are all ready. Expect it to happen when you are at your most tired, run down and crappy feeling. Then it won't be a surprise.

  2. BTW I like the new picture but could you get that sock out of Belle's face???

    Fretr; A person who worries, but not overly much