Sunday, March 22, 2009

No Foal yet

NO Foal yet, but I did survive the State Chess Championships. . . barely. We took home three individual trophies and three team trophies, so we represented well. Kid #2 and #3 were two of the individual trophies and the team, so they are happy. I checked up on Foxy a million times. My sainted husband was fairly nice about it but when I called while he was stacking hay, he seemed a but fed up with the calls. I know that he would call, but I am paranoid.

Today, Foxy did not finish her hay. Her udder is distended like a milk goat that someone forgot to milk. She is so miserable that she did not even buck around with Belle today when Belle was having a bucking fit. It is supposed to snow -- depending on whom you care to believe -- 3-7 inches or 6-10 inches in the next 24 hours, so I expect theat baby at any time.

I am still trying to get the scanned pics to load of my students' predictions. They are the wrong type of file, so I might just take pics of them and upload them that way. If I even make it to school tomorrow.


  1. And the winner of the shortest blog post ever is...YOU!!!

    What? No recap on the chess tournament?

  2. You are too fast. I discovered that if I hit enter right after I enter the title, it posts directly. I have now added, so quit your whining. Lets just say that I am glad that Chess is over for the year.

  3. Our snow arrived late; instead of Sunday afternoon it came this morning- when my husband left at 5:30m am there was a dusting on the grass, now (8:20 am) there is about an inch and it's still swirling.

    To predict when Foxy foals figure in the

    1) busiest time of day to drive (I have no idea if you have any kind of "rush hour" there. In Missouri it was "Rush Hour" when 5 or more cars drove down our gravel road within an hour. Mostly "Rush Hour" was 8:45 on Sunday Morning when folks were racing to the Ridgley Baptist Church)

    2) When you have them most errands to do

    3) During the worst part of the snow storm

    and 4) when you have to pee real bad.

    Combine them into one happy little package and that's when Foxy will give birth.

  4. I figure that I will get the call when I am running late getting to school, trying to make lunches and I can't find my emergency sub lesson plan. The ice on the roads are bad and I can't find my glasses or my keys. (and I have to pee so bad that my eyes are yellow)