Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still waiting

No Foal yet, but I was looking online and found a horse with similar bloodlines. Isn't she pretty :)

I took some pics that have turned out really bizarre, so I thought that I would share.


  1. Nice find. Paints make me want a Spotted Draft.

    LOL @ the pics. It's the "Phantom Mare" collection :)

  2. Love the freaky pics! Keep your panties on sister. It'll come when it comes.

  3. Stacey --I really like spotted drafts, too. Thats why Belle was supposed to be bred to this same stud. She would stand for his half brother (the gelding)that was 16.3, but not for him at 15.1.
    Apparently she goes for the tall ones. I like the title of "phantom mare"

    SD -- the ones with just Belle's feet are really the bizarro ones :)