Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Stroll

No pics today. I forgot the camera and the cell phone. My hands were full anyway. We went for a trail ride today. The hubbie went for his first trail ride in 5 years. He rode Belle with my saddle. I rode Foxy with Kid #2's saddle. Lady was on a lead with Foxy and me. Shooter, the hairless wonder, was underfoot. I ponied Lady in the arena for a few days prior to today and that went well. Foxy's leg did not swell because I kept her to a walk, so I figured that today would be great for a trail ride. The original plan was for Belle and I to go on the trail, but with it so nice out I offered Belle to the hubbie. Lady was not impressed with the asphalt of the road that we had to cross. She was not impressed with the uneven ground. She was not impressed with Shooter that is of the opinion that his spot is walking side by side with whatever horse that I happen to be riding. Lady tripped over him once. She reared up, she hauled back, but she stayed up with mom (Foxy) for the most part. Hubbie was great, but the saddle was not comfortable. It's too small. He realized why Kid #2 refused to ride western for years (it hurts boys, mom).
We need to get him his own saddle for when the Bartman comes to live with us.
All in all, it was fun.

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