Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bath time for Lady

Lady got a much needed bath today. It was her first real bath. When she was a few weeks old she had some sponge baths, but this was her first REAL bath. The hair on her back is longer than the rest of her body and collects shavings and hay and fecal matter, so she was looking pretty bad. Belle also needed a bath so that I could scrub her legs. (by the way, the new scratches spray is working fairly well. It also got rid of some of the proud flesh from when she fell out of the horse trailer when I first tried to bring her home. It's not a miracle spray, but the skin looks pink and is actually trying to heal rather than just treating the symptoms, but its only been a week. A lot of "cures" seem to work well for the first week. At least it doesn't make the hair fall out like desitin does.)

I meant to take a picture of Lady before she got wet, but she kept trying to help me with Belle, so she got squirted a few times on the butt before I remembered to grab the camera. (before the bath actually started, but some of the gick is already off)

This is also the first time that I actually tied her to a stationary post. She has been lead around and tied off to the saddle horn, but it is the first time tied to a post. I tied her to the same post as Belle so that Foxy would not feel pressured to choose between Belle and Lady. (I should not have worried. Foxy just wandered off during the scrubbing and then came back when the spraying was all done.( here she is, all soaking wet, ready for the soap)

(all suds up)

All done.
I did not want to put too much pressure on her, so she is not spotless(actually she has lots of spots:) and I ran out of whitener, anyway, but she is really soft and she enjoyed her bath and especially the towel rubdown afterwards. I threw the towel on her back, flapped it around, the only annoyance that she demonstrated was trying to grab it when it was not on her back. She is really too smart for my own good.

Look at all of the little black spots that are appearing under the white coat. She won't be so white when all of the baby fur sheds out. I am half tempted to enter her in a foal halter class at the end of the month. But only half. We will hopefully be moving that weekend (please, please, please)

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