Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lady, please stay out of the fence

Lady is a baby. She loves to run and buck and kick. She is pretty smart most of the time, too. Now, she would have been smarter to not get into this situation, but she did. I already had the camera in hand to take pictures when she did this, otherwise I would not have these pics. I would not have stopped, found the camera, and then helped her get out of the fence. I love how Belle and Foxy are watching her, but not getting too close

After her left leg got caught under the fence, I quit taking pics and pushed it back under and then shoved her chest over. Then she scrambled up and tore off around the arena for about five minutes


  1. You. Were. Very. Lucky.

    And good that it's not barb wire.

    She's getting so big!!!

  2. Getting stuck in a fence is how Foxy was hurt and is no longer a competitive barrel horse. Lady just laid there. She knew I was there and that I could get her out. I did not dare run and scare her. She is a tank. It's hard to believe that she is only three months old. I had been bathing Belle and was going to take pics of her since I am trying out a new scratches remedy. I forgot to take those pics after my scare with Lady. As soon as we close on the house, I will be ordering panels for her corral, then we work on the perimeter fence. I won't have the hot wire that low, but it might convince her to not roll too close to the fence anymore. I have to have either hot wire or barb to keep Belle from pushing down the fence. She is brutal on the arena fence. She either has to be watched while in the arena or tied. She pushes her big butt through the cables and has the top cable above her tail and the next lowest above her hocks and then tries to push through. It is a sturdy fence, but 1800 lbs of force will demolish it.