Thursday, July 16, 2009

riotious ramblings

I am stuck packing and cleaning a three story house with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (I don't count the third because it was so creepy that no one used it, just a toilet and shower, no sink -- in the basement) BY MYSELF. I don't like housework and this is like the ultimate punishment for me.

So, I got a new kitten. It is a little black puffball. Shooter is terrified of it, but fascinated, too. Panthera (Panthera panthera is the scientific name of the panther) hisses at Shooter and Shooter runs away. Then Panthera cries and Shooter comes running back to lick Panthera. Puma is not impressed by the new addition. He hissed at her, she hissed back and now she ignores him.

The smell of new tires is intoxicating. The new tires for my truck arrived today. (Thank you, UPS) They had to be special ordered (the joy of living in a miniscule town in Wyoming) They are sitting in my front room amid the mess of packing.
If I don't get the teaching job, maybe I can work at a tire place. I love that smell. My truck finally is fixed, but now the hubbie will need to take it for another week to get the tires replaced. AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh! I really prefer driving my truck. Shooter gets to go on rides, I can drive like I own the road. I can wear my hat. I can tie Belle to the bed and bathe her rather than using the fence. Oh, well, I will definitely feel better with new tires with all of the trailer trips that we will make during this move. We think that we will finally close on the house at the begininng of next week. It better happen soon. The foreclosure on the house that we are renting was announced in the newspaper. I guess that the rent we were paying was not used to pay the mortgage, LOVELY! My neighbor had to tell me about it. Apparently, it was supposed to be auctioned off June 24th.
Babe, the new pony that has been on 60 acres decided that 60 was not enough and got out of the safe horse fence and tangled in someone else's barb wire fence. The horse that she was with is much worse off, but she is still under vet care right now. LOVELY X2!

Will the fun never end? Probably not! The kids are still stuck in Utah. They are ready to come home. My ex is a month and a half behind on child support, but on the good side, my hubbie's ex wife remarried and he does not have to pay alimony any more.

Ok, enough complaining. Worse things are happening all around the world. I have great kids, my horses are alive and fairly well (with the exception of Babe, but she is improving) I am happily married, my hubbie does NOT have to leave for a month to New Mexico (his work took pity on me, with all of the house fiasco, they figured that I might need to spend some time with the man before I had a nervous breakdown and ran screaming into the river naked) I am going to George Strait this weekend in Cheyenne, and I have a full case of Cherry coke.

Life is good.


  1. Awwwww, I love the new addition!

  2. He is a cutie. He likes to hang out in the hubbie's beard.