Saturday, January 31, 2009

Seven weeks left!!!

We are now down to seven weeks left. I have been cracking open my anatomy and husbandry textbooks, searching online and generally driving myself crazy getting ready for the big day. I am so convinced that she will pop while I am at the Chess State Championships. Oh, well. This is her third. She has never needed assistance. She should be fine.

According to one of my Textbooks (I left it at school, so I can't remember all the exact name, edition etc.) Outlaw should have a full coat of hair by day 300. That is in a few days. Pretty cool, I think.


  1. And you have wheat straw to bed her in as opposed to shavings, right? And you have her tail in a tailbag, right? And you have a bottle of Betadine for the umbilical cord, right? And you have a bottle of Jack Daniels for yourself, right?

  2. I don't have the JD. It might do me some good, but I will just have to pass on it.