Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Ramblings

After reading the goals of the Jumping Percheron, I figured that I might want to set a few of my own. I kind of forgot about the whole resolution thing because we did not celebrate Christmas until today and I have been trying to finish presents before the kids made it home.

1> Work with kids and Belle so that they can pick her hooves (a requirement for 4-H)
2> Work on getting Foxy and Belle in better condition
a> Foxy in riding condition after the foal
b> Belle to build more muscle
3> Start Kid 1 on barrels
4> Get Kid 3 to have more confidence on horseback and on the ground
5> Keep Kid 2 having fun with horses
6> work with Foxy Jr. to have confidence in humans and good disposition
7> work on Belle's Scratches (nasty autoimmune infection on her legs, common in horses with feather, not bad right now but can flare up quickly)
8> Move into new house with horse property
Wow, that's a lot and I have not even mentioned nonhorsy goals.
Have you ever noticed that goals and gaols have the same letters and are easy to mistype? Are goals just a form of a prison(gaol)?
Just an observation.

This might be the last pic without snow. The snow from the last storm already blew away, but we should get pounded again tonight.


  1. LOL @ Kid 1,2, & 3!
    What a pretty Paint!! I can't wait to see baby!!

  2. Oh yeah and a house with horse property! SWEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one!

  3. My sister is moving out here with me and bringing at least five horses, but not a one over 15 hh. Belle and Foxy will definitely rule the roost. Slave Driver calls her child, the kid, so I figured, what the heck?

  4. First, Stace, be very careful what you ask for. I can guarantee that the more horse property you have the less horse riding you do.

    Next, BPA, is Foxy a tri color? She sure is a sharp looking paint.

    Third, which sister?

  5. 3rd- the brat, the only one with horses.

    2nd -- She is a bay, there is no black on her body. If she did not have ringbone, she would still be running poles, barrels, etc. and she would not be my horse. She really isn't a "kid" horse. I just expect her to be one and so do my kids, so she is turning into one, or my kids are just gettig better at riding.

    1st -- But with two families working on the property, the work won't be as bad. Yes, we are starting our own commune!!!