Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eight weeks left!!!

I still have not figured out where I left my camera. I actually have two digitals and I can't find either one. I am very good at losing things. This pic is from a year and a half ago. Kid 1 was telling Foxy, "Good Bye." She was supposed to be sold and be a girl's riding horse, but then the mom got up one her and wanted to run barrels, so that sale was cancelled. Foxy can't do barrels with an adult. At least and stay sound.

Belle is definitely improving with the new diet. The weather has been so crazy lately, warm, cold, rainy, snowy, etc. Both of the girls are shedding out bad. Kid 2 and I brushed them down really well today.
This is a pic from last year in Utah. Where it knows how to snow. I don't know what to call the crap that falls around here, but it does not behave like proper snow!

With all of the rain and snow today, I turned them out in the indoor arena to run. They shared the arena with another Paint, Cherokey. (I am going by the speeling on his dorr) The girls have been know to pick on him and get him all riled up, but everybody needed play time. Foxy chased him for a little while, but once Belle was done rolling, Foxy left him alone. Foxy rolled for a very long time today. Long enough that I was a little worried. Poor Outlaw/TinkerBelle must have thought that Mom was a rollercoaster. Baby was kicking and rolling around, too when we brushed them. I will need to record the acrobatic feats that this little guy does. It looks like an alien is going to break through the skin at any time. I am surprised that she has such good balance with the amount that the baby moves around. Foxy is so dark right now, that people think that she is piebald, rather than bay. I aways think of her as chocolate, but The mane and tail are black. I am just hoping that Outlaw/TinkerBelle has two brown eyes. With Foxy's dark face, the blue eye just makes her look psycho.

Which currently fits. She acts like she needs to be ridden for about two hours. If I would allow my kids to ride her right now, I would definitely be lunging her for a minimum of a half hour first; She is that high strung right now. I have increased her hay, but cut out her grain except what is needed to get her vitamins/supplement into her.

I am going to order Baby a blanket. I am worried that he/she will be getting cold with the bizarre weather that we have. Foxy doesn't want one, but Belle does seem to love hers. I just have to find one. The place that I like to order stuff only has purple in stock. I hated driving a purple carriage, there is no freaking way the outlaw will wear purple. I put up with purple on my little girl for too many years. I have convinced her that purple is of the devil and only psychos would wear it. (No offense to John Stockton and Jeff Hornacek, they are the exceptions) I am thinking Black (everybody needs a little black outfit in their wardrobe) or green to match Belle, or Burgundy to match Foxy's (even though Foxy thinks that blankets are of the devil, I just hope that she will allow Outlaw/TinkerBelle to wear one for those -20 F nights)

I have been stuck on the Outlaw/TinkerBelle names for so long, but if he really is born during the Chess tournament, I might have to make some sort of alteration. I once owned a dog named Makin's Dark Knight (Carl). Foxy's Outlaw Knight? Foxy's TinkerBelle Queen? Foxy's Painted Outlaw? Oops, that one slipped in. I am also considering Foxy's Sainted Outlaw. She has a grand sire with the name of The Saint. I just worry that it may appear a little sacrilegious. Being from Utah and all. I probably won't come up with the official name 'til foaling anyway.


  1. How about "Googley-eyed poopie pants?" That's one of my favorite nick names for a horse that was boarded on my farm.

    When The Kid was in a stick horse face at the fair that's the name I wrote on her sign up sheet (you had to name you stick horse) and she WON! So they announced it over the loud speaker. She was a little mad at me but my friend and I laughed the rest of the afternoon.

  2. LOLOLOLOL "Googley-eyed poopie pants" OMFG!

    I like Foxy's Painted Outlaw. What are you hoping it is? Filly or colt?

    Speaking of funny names I knew some one that wanted to show their horse as "Your Mom." In 1st place we have so and so riding "Your Mom." :)

  3. I would prefer a colt, but I am ok either way. I would seriously annoy Foxy's former owner, though. She has not had a colt in 7 years -- Fillies only. With several different mares.

    If you think Googley-eyed poopie pants is bad, how about Cialis? Top trainer so and so on Cialis. The owner thought that it was hilarious!!!