Thursday, January 15, 2009

Foaling Date Confirmed

Foxy will be foaling March 21 around 6 am. How can I know this? First off, her due date is March 23. Her prior foals have been within two days of her due dates. My son's birthday is March 19, Foxy's birthday is March 20, and my birthday is March 22, so it all fits. But most importantly, I need to leave on the bus to take my chess team to Green River for the State Championships at 7:00 am, Saturday, March 21. It is ineviable that Foxy will be foaling when I check on her prior to leaving that day. So I have changed the countdown on my board at school to March 21 instead of March 23.

I had to just kind of laugh when I found all of this out. It has been a bad couple of weeks with not getting off work in time to get much done with the girls. They get out to run, their stalls are cleaned and they get fed, but with 4-H, scouts, church stuff, tutoring, and end of semester panicking from students, parents, teachers, and my own procrastinating middle schooler, I haven't had time for much else. I did find out that I am the wicked witch of the west and that I probably need more Cherry coke (just bought three cases!!!) Last weekend I ended up riding bareback just to relax. Belle has gotten it into her head that I need to find her yet another new bit. I think that a sidepull would work the best, because stopping is not the real problem, turning is. I use a liverpool. It's a driving bit. It does not work really well when she can get the shanks into her mouth. I need to change it or switch to a flash nose band, or something else to keep the bit properly in her mouth. I actually like using the sidepull, but I need to find one to fit her head.

The foal should be about 60-70 pounds right now, from what I have been researching. Some people still just think that she is fat, but I can see that it is baby fat, not just an over indulgence of grain and hay. I generally refer to the baby as Outlaw, but I don't want to be overly optimistic that it is a boy.

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