Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Deer and other scary animals

Let me preface this entry by noting that we have had 12 inches of snow, below 0 F weather, and wind so strong that there is no more snow on my front lawn. Plently of frozen, packed snow on all walking and driving surfaces, though. The wind is howling and I can't sleep.

I don't have a problem with large dogs. I truly don't care for small ones. I despise poodles. FOR GOOD REASON!! When my mother was pregnant with me and my name was already picked out, my grandmother obtained a small white poodle. AND GAVE IT MY NAME!!! My uncles, aunts, cousins etc. loved to call my name and then tell me that they did not want me, they wanted the dog. I think that I am completely justified. I don't worry that I will be attacked by dogs on walks or the trail. My horse is big enough that one good kick, and the dog is toast. (ok, I am entirely over optimistic, but it has happened) I am also not concerned about being attacked on foot, either. It has happened. Akitas running in packs through South Salt Lake have no problem attacking pregant women pushing a stroller. The 3 month old rottweiler riding in the bottom of the stroller took one on at a time as I kicked and screamed. They finally left us alone. Carl had a good life protecting me and the kids from stray dogs, cats, and an occasional "Oops, wrong house!" in the middle of the night. (it was SSL, meth capitol of Utah)When Carl moved to Orem, the deer stopped coming into the yard that they had vistited every winter for millenia.

Carl has been dead for two years now.

This was taken days before he died.

When we moved to Wyoming we got another dog.

He is the anti-Carl. He is still great with kids, except when he steps on them, but he is terrified of cats, other dogs, bikes, cars, and deer. I live in Wyoming, we have deer. These deer are not afraid of anything. A big 6 X 6 roams around blocking doorways, attacking neighborhood dogs, cats etc. For Thanksgiving, I had this guy as a guest.
Shooter, the amazingly fraidy cat dog, hid in the garage. The cat, Puma, stalks the deer. I have never been able to actually get a shot of this occuring, but she has done it when the camera was not in hand.
This guy was not afraid at all. He gored the neighbor's dog.

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