Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rough day on the farm

For the dogs, it was fine. Turkeys. . . Not so much. I found parts of one of my hens. Rabbits. . . Worse. Kid #1's doe that we have been watching due to abnormal behavior ate her tail to the bone last night. Which meant I had to put her down. That meant calling around to find said kid. She wasn't answering her phone. Kid #2 wasn't either and Kid #3 left his in the car. Why do all of these kids have phones if they won't answer them!!! I digress. I called the ex, but I had to explain the whole thing before he would hand the phone over. Then I had to explain the whole thing again to the kid. Fortunately, the kid is not stupid. Even though Cinderella is a pet, she realized that the poor thing was going to die a painfull death if we let this continue. She has ribbons and trophies to remember her, at least. This is where the ponies had the rough morning. Mr. BPA got my pistol ready for me (he is so helpful:) I strapped it on(I love the feel of a sidearm on my belt, I am truely in the WRONG profession) And pulled Cinder from her cage. The ponies took one look at me, the pistol, and the rabbit and took off her the back 40 (ok, their pasture is only 9 acres) I have learned to make it a clean death. One shot. She had started in on her little paws, too. Not sure what turned a show bunny into a flesh eating zombie, but she is out of pain, now. No, I didn't eat her. Ick!

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