Friday, June 14, 2013

Lady's day out.

Actually Miss Lady will be gone for two weeks. It was hard dropping her off at the trainer. It was like taking my kid to their first day of kindergarten. I couldn't wait to get an update on his impression of her after the first 24 hours. She bucked. (Thanks goodness! Why? Because that is why she went. I am not putting my 40 years old butt on the back of a known bucker. I am lazy that way) He said after he rode her bucks out, she is really smooth. (Well, ya! She should be) So all of the time we have put into her is finally being realized. (Well, it has always been realized. We are just seeing our hard work through another person, now) Here is a shot of her in the round pen yesterday.
Misty is being test ridden tomorrow. I am going to miss that horse, but she needs to be someone's special friend. Kid #1 has Lady to seriously focus on now. Kid #2 has both Fox and Antares. Kid #3 has his llamas. And I will have my team! Sweet Dreams are made of these!!!

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