Friday, June 7, 2013

Let's reboot:)

Let's begin again. My blog is called "Adventures in Painting" because I have some Paint horses. I don't actually paint. I am not artistic. I just got the call that Bart, my Belle's brother is ready to retire. Yippee! I love that big monster! In sadder news, Belle is not doing well. I have come to the realization that she will not survive another WYwinter. She had a small stroke and is blind on one side. I quit taking her to school as my TA for animal science. I have made her complete retirement as comfortable as possible. When she starts having more bad days than good, I will have to put her down. I have arranged for her head to be cleaned and mounted for my classroom (She might just end up on the wall in my living room, though) Her legs will be sliced in half for hoof/leg examples. I feel blessed to have known her for 15 years and owned her for 6. She still neighs when I pull in to the drive, and comes in from her 9 acres when I go to the gate. I am a very lucky person. Kid #1, the artistic one, is creating a memorial in glass, similar to the homepage blog pic. Here's to the goal of writing once a week:)

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