Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tasty Pasty and other tails

So we got to the barn, yesterday and it was warm and there was daylight, so the kids took the mutt on a run. As I have mentioned, he is used to being a farm dog and prefers off leash, but we only let him off leash when no one else is around. Don't worry, he is very respectful of horses (Foxy kicked him enough in the head when he was a pup)and mostly leaves them alone. Actually, now that I am thinking about it, he used to be terrible about grabbing certain horses' tails and then running. He did this alot with Foxy's first foal(when she was three) He also liked to torment two big geldings, but he never messed with horses on the trail or under saddle -- only out at pasture with horses that he grew up with.

I took the girls out to the outdoor arena to let them play. Foxy immediately noticed the kids and the dog on the trail. She started nickering softly. It was really sad. Her ears were all on them and she kept stretching out her neck and whimpering. They were too far away to hear her. She is definitely their horse. She adores them and is sick of being on maternity leave. Enough already!!!

Pictured here is Shooter attempting to teach Kid 2 to play dead, complete with tongue handing out.

The girls did not want to pose for pictures today, they wanted attention. Belle, with her big nose and moustache is interfering with Foxy's picture, but Foxy would not stand still, either. I made the kids brush her out really good when they came back. Foxy was really happy when they came back. I tried out their new horse treats. It was one of the acceptable horse treats for Belle's diet. Crackling oat cereal. It's actually really good and I need to find a better container. I put it in an old supplement bucket, but now I don't want to snack on it when I am giving some to the girls because it has gick on it. (It is seriously good.) The girls like it, too.

Belle was wormed today. As often as I have to do this, I always forget how funny she is when it's worming time. I walked up with syringe in hand. She grabbed it and tried to eat it. I rescued it and then gave her the dose. She loves the stuff. She is the only horse I know that enjoys "Tasty Pasty"

I worked Belle in the round corral today. I had to lead her through the arena with the barrels set up. She was so excited. She tried to run a barrel on our way. If we were not so similar, I think that she would drive me nuts. She just wanted to move. She worked on W/T/C, but kept getting distracted by Foxy's calls. I am going to have to work on their separation anxiety. After we were done, I turned them out together to roll.

Kid 1 had the dog and camera again today. 164 pics later, they returned. Even Shooter was sick of posing, after a while and had to cool off.

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