Monday, February 2, 2009

New pics

I finally got the pics of my camera!!! Yippee!!
Actually, I just turned off my computer and then restarted it four hours later and then it worked fine. This is George. He is ready for St. Patrick's day. I just took the red lights out(they had died anyway)I meant to replace them with white, but accidently grabbed the box of green. It looks pretty good. Expecially in the dark.

This picture is for all of those people with green constantly in their pics. Don't you just miss this (Stacey, this means YOU!!!) This was just dug out today. We have been using the other doors for a while.

This picture was supposed to be Belle kicking up in the air as she rolled. I am slow. But she was able to roll, and roll, and roll. She needed a good grooming afterwards.

The kids are bringing the girls in for the night. Foxy was really mellow today. No bucking, running, pulling. She got out all of her crankiness yesterday when she was left at home while Belle and I took our trail ride. We both really needed it. No pics, though:(


  1. LOLOLOLOL, NO MA'AM! I sure don't miss that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice pics. George is looking a little on the thin side...