Sunday, February 8, 2009

Foxy's second baby

Here is a pic of Holly, Foxy's second baby, right after she was born.

Here are some pics of her first day out to pasture.

Here she is with the herd.

Danni, Foxy's first foal, is the buckskin in the background, for SD, it is not a popquiz, you can refer back to the previous entry if you need to:)

Holly's interesting markings that are no longer visible, since she went so dark.

Here she is all Chocolatey, with Belle and Danni.
I am hoping for some newer pics of Holly now that she is turning two. She is going into training to be an awesome reining horse like her sire.

Holly's Dad


  1. Gorgeous horse pictures! Love Holly's dad, beautiful!!!

  2. The pics don't do her justice, but Holly has the look of her dad, too. She is probably the nicest, most loving, smart filly that I have ever met. My kids could brush her out, clean her stall, lead her, with no problems. Other colts at the same place, same owner, had nowhere near the manners. Danni, the older sister was the same way. It's Foxy, she is an awesome mom. I can't wait to share the new pics when Outlaw is born.

  3. Hello, I just discovered your blog. Holly is one beautiful filly! She has the softest expression on her face. And her sire, wow! Gorgeous!! Looking forward to reading more!