Monday, February 23, 2009

Four weeks??? Only If we are Lucky

This has been an eventful weekend. We went to the Clinton Anderson Tour in Fort Collins. It felt good to get out for a day or two. The kids were angels (which is quite different from usual. I have terrors. I love them , but I am aware of their annoyance factor on myself and others. They paid attention, answered questions, asked questions and had some great insights to horse behavior and what their responsibilities are as horse people. If we got nothing else out of the weekend, that in itself was worth the trip.

Now to the ugly stuff. Sunday, we got home too late to check on the horses. First thing this morning, I popped in the check on them and makeup a batch of Belle's EPSM diet. I will admit that I should have spent more time with them, but I had my excuses. This afternoon, I came back. I gave Belle some lovin' and then went to Foxy's stall. Now, normally, I let the kids handle Foxy, but it had been since Friday, so I went in to see how she was feeling, cantankerous, pissy, snorty, etc. Right on her side, just up and to the side of her flank was a huge gash of a hoof print. She had a big chunk and a half out of her rump, too. My first thought was, Crap, is Outlaw OK? I felt her belly, and sure enough, I got kicked. Yeah!!! he is still alive and kicking. My next thought was, Belle, I am going to kick your butt. To make a long story, slightly shorter, the girls were put out to run by someone trying to be nice and Foxy got hurt by a horse that she should not have been out with.

She is still eating, there is no discharge, no sign of labor, so although the vet is primed and set, we are playing the waiting game. If she gets worse or doesn't get any better soon, the vet is going to check her out thoroughly, but for now, we just wait. The kids are pretty upset, (Heck, so am I) but I can drive my self crazy (super short trip, this month) or I can just hope and pray for the best. She moves into the foaling stall this week, but we still need more time for his lungs to be fully developed before foaling actually occurs.

I would have taken pics, but I left the camera in a vehicle that is now 120 miles away. I am really bad about that type of stuff. Just imagine a couple of huge chunks out of her white on this side.

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  1. Foxy is doing really well today. She is still eating and today she trotted after Belle and was investigating her surroundings. She is still subdued, but her belly has really dropped, too. She looks uncomfortable. Belle is really jealous of all the time and attention that Foxy is getting. She is sending me angry vibes. "you are my person, not Foxy's. Foxy has three little kids. Pay attention to me!" I lunged her today with Foxy standing quite happily tied before I turned them out together.