Monday, December 15, 2008

Saturday's Adventures

A new adventure popped up this weekend. One of my boys locked the tack room key into the tack room. We wanted to ride Saturday, so we all hopped up with halters and lead ropes, and wandered around the indoor arena. I had Foxy in the round pen because she likes to charge around and my kids are not all that experienced in bareback. Belle is smooth as silk, but has HIGH withers. One of the kids was on a friend's horse. (another reason that Foxy was in the round pen, not the main arena, she picks on him) My son and I both ended up working the girls enough that they started to sweat, so we quit. It was supposed to get bitter cold that night and I did not want to leave them wet. Belle loves her blankie, but Foxy would rather live without hers. Well, Saturday night reached -13 F. The girls (Belle and Foxy) have an automatic waterer. The pipe that goes under Foxy's stall froze. This left them without water. I gave them water in buckets, which they guzzled down. Today their waterer was fixed. Foxy is an interesting individual. She is lead mare. Belle respects that. Belle appears bigger, but Foxy is 16 hh and Belle is only 15.3 hh. They are best buds. I can ride Belle away from Foxy, but my kids can not ride Foxy away from Belle without her pitching a fit. It will be interesting to see what happens when the youngun arrives. Belle adopted Foxy's last foal. They used the same feeder. Since she was a solid, and she grow such a thick winter coat last year, Holly almost looked like Belle's foal, not Foxy's. I had pics for this entry, but I can't find the camera.

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    Ammwo: What Elmer Fud loads in that shotygun he goes wabbit huntin wif.