Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dealing with government

Ok, this really has nothing to do with my horses. This is just a pure vent posting.
I got a ticket the other day in my truck. It had an expired registration. Purely my fault. I GET THAT!!! I went in today to get it properly registered. First, they want the title. I am still making payments so I don't have the title. Fortunately, I anticipated this, so I had the phone number of my lien holder so that I could get them a copy. They would not accept a fax, it must be the actual title. This seemed odd to me, but fine, how about a temporary until I can get my plates. Fine, they just want me to take the plates off of my truck and they need my insurance card. Fine, I figure out that I have not put the new insurance card in the truck, so I head home and swap vehicles with the registered one. I go back and give them my insurance card. Great, let's fill out the paperwork. How long of a permit do you need? I don't know, the title should be here within a couple of days. Wait a minute, you have been here since August. We can't let you buy a permit because you have been here too long. We can't help you.
What!?!? You won't let me pay to get a permit to drive my vehicle. You would rather just give me yet another ticket. I don't get it. I was glad that I switched vehicles, otherwise they may have followed me out to give me a ticket. I get that I screwed up and that I should have registered my vehicle, but now that I am, why do I have to wait. I just don't get it. My husband had no problems registering his vehicle. If he had not been so sick, I would have made him do it, but he is still recovering from the freezing rain and snow from Christmas day.


  1. Welcome to Wyoming :) They have to have some form of entertainment! Hehe

    Oh yeah and I like the color!

  2. I must have missed that as one of the forms of entertainment. I thought that alcohol and sex were the only forms of entertainment around here. And I don't drink. . .

  3. I have never understood how the DMV's can expect you to hold the title to a vehicle that you do not own yet -It's called a Lien and the people who have posession of it are called Lienholders which means they own it, you are in a rent-to-own situation, basically.

    I went through this crap in Missouri where they were agast that my title was being held out of state (like it was a hostage situation) and insisted that I 1) get posession of the title right away and 2) change it to a Missouri title and then 3) they lost it and never returned it to the lienholder so when I wanted to sell it I went back to the Secretary of State in Illinois and they were able to produce a copy for me. Which I had to have changed into a Missouri title. And get a release of Lien from the bank.

    And keep in mind, people, I worked for a car dealer in Illinois for 5 years and did license and title for them for two of those years, so I actually knew what I was doing and how the system worked!!!

    I pity you poor civillians...

    And BPA I thought it was alcohol, sex and sheep...

  4. Actually this town is not known for its agricultural abilities. Either that or they already scared off all of the sheep