Thursday, December 11, 2008

In the Beginning

My personal riding horse is Belle, a Clydesdale. She is retired from Carriage Driving. I started working with her and her team mate Bart, almost eleven years ago. She is way too much like me. We are cantakerous, moody and stubborn. She is actually a great trail horse. I have owned her since I graduated from College. She is the second horse that I have owned. I had an Arabian in High school. My third horse is actually the reason for the name of the Blog. I moved to Wyoming and had to get another horse so that my kids could still ride with me. I kept telling my husband that I bought Foxy for "purely educational reasons". She is infoal to a homozygous tobiano. She is a brown overo with one blue eye. My biology students will be predicting the color, color pattern, eye color, and sex of the foal. This will demonstrate understanding of genetics and will be much more fun than predicting pea color with punnett squares. Foxy is due on March 23. This will be her third foal, but her first since I have owned her.
Here is a picture of the stud. I tried to breed him to my clydesdale, but she was not interested. She was much more interested in his half-brother, the gelding, who is pictured here with Foxy's second foal, and another paint mare.

Here is a picture of Foxy. It's not the best, but you can see her coloring. Her first foal is a sweet, gorgeous buckskin solid. Her second is the sweetest solid chocolate dun on the planet, yes, pun intended.


  1. Yay!!!!!!! You have a blog now!
    Belle looks GREAT in that pic! She looks so happy!
    Can't wait to see pics and updates of your newest addition!

  2. I thought that I would give it a try. Belle is a happy camper being a family horse. I blanked out my kids pics because the Slave Driver got me a little paranoid with her little black box on her face. I might add a few stories of driving, too, since I will be driving a few nights this year.

  3. I black out my face because of the RARA's. It's obvious where I work, and with the A**holes who have been setting minks loose and picketing the animal research employees from the U one can't be too careful.

    Plus one never knows when one might have to flee to Mexico for one reason or another...