Friday, April 8, 2011

Back in the Saddle again

Ok, finally back online. So much has happened. I can't even get my pictures to stay where I put them, so try to navigate this blog and connect the right pics to the right captions. I have already had a cat erase this once today (I then started saving everytime she came near)
Here's Kid #1 and Lady.
She has been riding her a little bit over the winter, but it can be tough when the sun does down so early.

Friday, April 1, We picked up a new horse. She came from Louisiana three years ago. She is thirteen. I am guessing that she might be spotted saddlebred. Maybe not. Her head looks just like Misty from This is the Place State Park when I was doing trail rides. That Misty has long since retired to be a 4-H horse and then to the happy green pasture above. This Misty direct and neck reins. She handles nicely in western or english. She is a little fat and lazy, but then so am I. She will be Kid #2's horse for 4-H this year(probably). Remember that Foxy is due July 4th and she is not a happy show horse anyway. Junior will be Kid #2's 4-H horse from next year on.

So I am on Spring break right now. It's awesome. I have been working the horses, avoiding the lists of housework that I have been putting off 'til spring break. Belle was in such a great mood the other day that while trotting over railroad ties, she took a flying leap over them. I could tell that she was getting ready to do something, but I was expecting her to move to one side. She is not much of a jumper, but she loved it. She kept speeding up and trying to swerve back over to that section of the arena. She wanted more. It reminded me of her and barrels. She loves trotting the barrel pattern. She is terrible with the pattern, but she loves to do it. She can't get her Clydesdale self to maneuver around the barrels like a good Quarter horse. I wonder why? NOT!

Here is a picture of the how Lady sizes up to the big girls. I need to break out a measuring tape, but she is 15.1-15.2 hh. Misty is 15.3-16 hh.

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