Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gestational Progress

I don't remember where I found this, but this is the same picture from when Lady was gestating. Jr. is currently at around 22-23 weeks. Which means that he is about the size of a rabbit. His dad is a solid sorrel, but registered as a paint. (A paint that ain't)
There is a chance then of a paint offspring, but as mentioned in an earlier blog, Foxy has only had the one Paint filly, Lady. The other two fillies were solids.


  1. When I lived in Missouri, I worked at a mare handler on a stud farm. They had a sorrel and white paint Stallion, a buckskin quarterhorse stallion, and what they called a Black and white paint but he was really a blue roan and white stallion.

    The Sorrel and white was bred to three different mares (along with many others as he had a great disposition and was very flashy)and over the course of 2 years threw three lethal whites. Statistically, it's 1/30,000. So the studs owner had him cut. He was, by the way, an excellent stallion. We rode him in parades, with mares winking at him all over the place, and he was a perfect gentleman. After gelding him, the owner sold him, but I imagine he made someone a fabulous saddle horse. One of the paints he was bred to that threw the lethal white was solid except for one small fist size patch of paint on her belly. So genetic testing for type can be important: looks don't mean squat.

    This has nothing to do with anything. I just like to run off...

  2. hey, I appreciate comments. I tend to run my mouth, er, fingers?, too.