Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I did end up with the day off, kind of. I went to talk to a local principal. No luck there, bummer.

So, to cheer myself up, I took a few minutes to give Lady a good scrubbing. As you can see she really needs it.

I used a ton of whitening shampoo on her.

I was worried, at first that Sergeant would charge Lady because she was tied (a favorite thing for him to do) But Foxy and Belle stayed close, so he didn't dare.

She didn't get perfectly spotless because I had to give her time to dry during the hottest part of the day and her white is going to take time to bleach out the stains from winter. So I let her loose to get even more dirty. She ran over to pick on Foxy.

What a little stinker.


  1. Wow! Is she getting big. Glad you've been able to enjoy some good weather. Bart says "Hi".

  2. I miss Bart. Today, I would trade him. Belle and I had a battle. I finally won, but the casualties were higher for me.