Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Black?:) Blue? :(

Lady's baby fur is starting to shed out. The skin underneath is fairly dark. I am hoping that she goes dark brown like Foxy or even black like her sire. Unfortunately, her left eye is turning blue. Ick! Fortunately she is not my horse. She is my daughter's. She would prefer Lady to stay a bay, and get a blue eye. We will have to see.

Right after I took these pics, I started dealing with Belle's scratches. Belle currently has a bad case of scratches that I made a whole lot worse with some iodine/aloe that I left on overnight. She butchered her legs. So now we are back to desitin, which works, sort of. It will work, but only if I clean her legs regularly. It is fairly impossible to do this in the winter. With all of the rain lately, it just makes it worse. Anyway, back to Belle. The three of them were all out in the arena, I was crouched down with Belle, when Foxy decided to lay into her, double barreled mule kick to the right side. One hoof clipped her hock. Belle tried to get out of the way, but she wasn't fast enough and she blocked until I scrambled out of the way. Belle limped off. Foxy nailed her pretty good. Foxy has been in a bad mood. It was bad before, but then Sunday, I took Belle on a trail ride with out Foxy and Lady. She spent the whole time screaming and running around. Foxy does not like vacations. The kids have been gone for a week and a half. I don't ride her because of her ringbone. She will go lame. Tomorrow, I will either lunge her for 30 minutes or pony her off of Belle, depending on how Belle's leg looks in the morning. Belle walked it off the lameness tonight, but it may be fairly sore tomorrow.


  1. That little tiny filly face is so damn ADORABLE!!!!!!

  2. Blue eyes are cool- Dreamer has a "Glass eye". His are brown but one of them has a triangular patch of blue.