Thursday, June 25, 2009

1 day left!!

I have one day left of Summer school.

And then I am officially UNEMPLOYEED!!!

It's a little scary and unknown.

I don't even have driving carriages to fall back on.

I guess that it will give me time to pack up the house to move.

Nerves have already proven dangerous.

This is Shooter.

This is Shooter after owner stress.

Actually, he loves it. He just looks like a giant puppy.

Normally I just take stress out on my own hair. After my divorce, I chopped almost a foot off. Shaving Shooter is mild. He seriously needed it with the insane weather anyway. Low forties and constant rain to high eighties and humidity.
Maybe I will chop the hair. . .


  1. Well, he was a good looking dog until you de-nuded him.

    Run away! Belle, Run away!!!

  2. With any luck, Belle will be safe. I have an interview on Wednesday!!!