Sunday, June 27, 2010

Out to Pasture

It has been three weeks since the great flood. We have lost 1 chick, the peacocks are officially living at the neighbors (they are great friends and have conversations) three rabbits died and I have evacuated my horses to a neighbor that is 15+ miles away. Belle was not doing well(she has lost weight even with an increase in grain, hay, and oil) in the corral and a friend from church offered her pasture. We led Belle, Foxy and Lady over the condemned bridge, Lady was nervous until Foxy went over it. We loaded Foxy first. Lady was nervous, but after a few treats and a butt rope, she climbed in. Belle jumped right in, too. I stopped to check everybody when I got off the bumpy dirt road. Lady was no longer slant loaded. She was straight loaded under Belle's neck. Belle was nuzzling her. It was kind of cute. I missed the house (I had never been to the house before, but I THOUGHT that I new where it was) I had to turn around on a narrow road. Thank goodness for gooseneck trailers!! Belle, Lady, and Foxy immediately fell upon the tall green grass (they had been having exposure to grass so that they wouldn't founder) The grass is almost waist high! They were ecstatic!! I can only visit once a day. This really bothers me since i am now so used to them on my property. The next day, I noticed that they were getting eaten alive so I tried out a spot fly repellent. 5 ml from poll to tail, 1 ml under the forelock, 1 ml each on the legs. It works!! Foxy was in such a hurry to get her's that she nailed me on the head right on the button of my ball cap. OUCH!!! After she was sufficiently debugged, she was all snuggly again. The flies were really bad, so I forgave her. Lady sunburnt her nose, so now she wears sunscreen. Belle always comes immediately, Foxy and Lady do now, too, but the first day, I had to track them down. Foxy did not move from her ten foot diameter circle the first day. Lady cut her leg during the flood, but now it is starting to heal. She kept pulling the scab off. I am hoping to bring them home in another week or so. There is still too much water for all 8 horses. This way, they get time to unwind at the pasture while I am out of town (family reunion) and they get time off from the flood and my sister's horses. Belle and Sergeant were getting ugly in the evac corral. The vacation should be good.

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  1. I hope it all works itself out soon. Have fun at the Family Reunion and stop by to say "Hay" if you're in town.