Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunny wintery day

Sunny days must be appreciated. With the Winter solistice, our shorted day of the year was only 9 hours of daylight. Yuck! but now we are again increasing our daylight, so spring is on its way. (I must be optimistic, or I will just roll over and die as I wait for the cold to seep into my bones)

Lady, Mystique, and Princess (and Shooter)

Lady, Sassy, Barnaby, Shooter, and Sergeant

Belle, Shooter, Sassy, and Princess

She is still running.

Mom, you need to pay attention to me, not the neighbors!

I am trying to eat, here!


  1. Oh man, it looks cold there! Everyone looks fat and toasty, though! :) Hope you had a merry xmas and a happy new year!!

  2. It was great! Thanks.
    We do generally have a little extra flesh going on, but it helps with the cold:)