Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hay was NOT the best idea.

When I bought my last load of hay, the weather turned quickly. I did not even get it unloaded before it snowed. I left five bales in the bed of my truck to allow the extra weight to give me more traction. I was meaning to unload it so that I could get another load, but I was just not getting around to it. I finally did.
Can you see why?

Poor Lady is too short to get her mouth on the hay. Belle and Foxy shredded the bales, but the bad part was the other horses that do not adequately respect the white Elephant. It got a few dents from the squabbling, so the hay is no longer in the back.


  1. HA!!! They were just trying to help unload ;)

  2. It's about time horses are asked to do a little work... Oh, wait, nevermind.

  3. Okay, you're at the library. Time for a new blog entry, sister!